Dr. Hallowell Returns for Mastering ADHD 2015!

Spread the word!  Dr Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D. is returning to London this Autumn 2015 to host his hugely impactful “Mastering ADHD” workshop series.   Dates include the 28th September for Adults, 29th September for Educators and 1st-2nd October for Parents.

THANK YOU to all of our attendees and partners for helping to make this amazing experience possible last year!

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive. Below are just a a few responses from attendees when asked: Would you recommend this workshop?

“In a heartbeat – the best workshop I have ever attended. Fantastic presentations and speakers who have genuine insight which is inspirational.”

“YES! Dr Hallowell is a calming font of knowledge.”

Definitely – to listen to someone so knowledgeable in this topic was amazing and to meet so many other people who have ADHD or teach those with it and talk to them was invaluable.”

“Completely. The speakers were second to none. The size was intimate so everyone got to ask their questions and the vibe was one of ‘sharing’ and ‘caring’.”

“Yes – more useful in a practical sense than others I have been on before. Also, a positive approach, which is different and also more helpful.”

Definitely, it has taught me so much and it’s great to meet other people in the same boat.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Reframes the whole pessimistic worries and love the focus on positive attributes.”

Yes – great foundation in ADHD…Ned [Dr. Hallowell] is a phenomenal speaker!”

“Yes – to those that have attention and learning issues with their children. Allows one to map out, learn strategies, get coaching.”

“Yes definitely – it’s a real insight for anyone with ADD and will give you tools to move forward with your life.”

I hope that you can join us again and share this unique opportunity in the UK with your family, friends, colleagues and others who might benefit from “Mastering ADHD”.

Be kind to yourself,
The ADDspark Team

PS: If you know someone who may be interested in the “Mastering ADHD” workshops? Please feel free to invite them to join us this Autumn 2015!

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