“If it is possible to pass along a thank you to Dr. Hallowell please do so. I would liken discovering and connecting with his work to growing up blind, and then one day finding a book, or surgeon, who was able to restore vision. I am seeing myself as I truly am, and it is so incredibly empowering and wonderful.“

Dan Sullivan

Dr. Hallowell, I am currently in Iraq serving in the U.S. military. I’m 40 yrs old and have all my life wondered why I just never seemed to be on the same page as everyone else. I don’t want to make excuses but my life was like this, an abusive father, (who passed away almost 4 yrs ago) a mother that still to this day is undergoing treatments for depression and the list goes on. I somehow ened up with your book “Driven To Distraction” in my barracks room. I started reading it yesturday and read the first 70 pages(very uncharacteristic). I haven’t read that much in the last 3 yrs combined, including stop signs and newspaper headlines. So yes it has started a wide range of thinking and discussions with the the angel God sent to me, my wife Kristie. She teaches the Autistic class at our local high school. We always jokingly said I had it as well as O.C.D. but the first chapter of the book told my life story. It was like looking in a mirror. You could have taken any one of those peoples names out and put mine in and it would have been just as accurate. I guess I finally know now why I am the way I am and now I can finally come out to fix it. I guess I just wanted a way to say thank-you for writing the book. I can’t tell you the relief that comes with finding this out, to finally know that I’m not crazy or just a defient little boy that is in trouble for no good reason or the husband that needs constantly reminded of little day to day missions because I don’t care. It REALLY put my whole life into perspective. Thanks again and God Bless You.

From a Soldier in Iraq


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