Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these workshops for?

Dr Hallowell – Who is he?

How credible is Dr. Hallowell’s work, can I trust the legitimacy of his philosophy & teachings?

How much will this workshop cost?

I will have a lot of questions at the workshop. Can I be actively involved?

I already know a lot about ADHD – is this workshop right for me?

What can I expect from this workshop? What will I gain?

When is this taking place?

I’m not sure I have ADHD? Is this workshop right for me?

Is there the possibility of a refund in case I have to cancel?

Where is this taking place?

Will food be served?

What if I need somewhere to stay throughout my experience?

I’m not local, how am I going to get there?

Why is this workshop different from others?

Who else will be there?

Is Dr Hallowell going to make this workshop US-centric?

Can I park my car at the venue?

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