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Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster created ImpactADHD to provide support, expert advice, and a sense of belonging for those raising kids with ADHD. Their parent programs aim to provide a safe place to connect, learn, and be coached, allowing parents/carers to become more confident and better-equipped to manage the realities of life in an ADD/ADHD family. ImpactADHD programs are designed to meet the needs of busy parents and chaotic families with resources available on the phone, online, anytime.


Alan Brown labels himself a “mess-to-success entrepreneur, ADHD coach and classic ADDer”. Now a successful executive, investor and entrepreneur, he crushed his own ADD using the proven ADD Crusher™ strategies.  His ADDCrusher Videos are ADD friendly, interactive, entertaining and in your face instructions streamed directly to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Personal mission: Help ADHD adults around the world live to their potential through alternative ADD treatments and solutions.


Val Ivens developed and now runs the Richmond and Twickenham ADHD Support Groups and has trained as an ADHD Coach through the REACH training programme in Liverpool. She is on the Board of UKAP. Valerie writes articles and provides coaching strategies to families, children and young people managing ADHD. She works with schools, social services, mental health teams and local Education authorities to promote greater understanding, training and awareness of the condition


Elaine Halligan is the London director of The Parent Practice working with a team trained in parenting and facilitation skills. The Parent Practice works with parents and carers, schools and nurseries, corporate and business clients. Elaine also works with special educational needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia and sees clients in private consultations.


Fintan O’Regan is an internationally acclaimed specialist in Behaviour, Learning and Motivation working both within the Education and Health sectors. Mr. O’Regan has been Headmaster of the Centre Academy School, regarded as the first specialist school in the UK for children with ADHD/ODD. Prior to this he has taught in schools in London, Newcastle and Washington DC. Mr. O’Regan is currently the Vice Chairman of UKAP, the Vice Chairman of the UK ADHD Partnership and a member of SpLD Assessment Standards Committee. He and his associates provide specialist training and innovative teacher coaching to address key behavioural and learning issues.


Paula Jewes is a SEN Consultant who runs training workshops in local boroughs alongside EHCP consultancy for Merton. She has delivered training for speech language therapists, specialist teams (such as hearing and visual impairment teams), SEN Teams, and SENCOs as well as parents.  A short summary of Paula’s extensive qualifications include:

  • Fully Qualified Mediator with the London School of Mediation (2014)
  • Experienced in informal dispute resolution
  • Education, Health and Care Plan quality consultant and trainer for a London Borough
  • Experienced chair of EHCP transfer reviews; written over 40 EHCPs focussing on out-of-borough and/or complex cases
  • Trustee of a Local Mencap Charity (disability service provider including personal budget projects)
  • Parent of a young person with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has campaigned for change since 2004; gave oral evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Education in 2006 on SEN

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