Workshop Themes

Detailed Workshop Themes – A Strength-Based Approach to ADD/ADHD

Below are some of the detailed workshop themes included in many of the workshops.

Dr Hallowell will then build on this foundation with subject matter pertinent to the audiences of Parents, Educators and ADHD Adults.


  • Explanation and rationale for the strength-based approach special techniques in the strength-based approach
  • History of ADHD
  • What it is like to have ADHD
  • Potential skills and strengths in people who have ADHD
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective ADHD-ers
  • Life stories of successful ADHD-ers
  • Problems to overcome in life with ADHD
  • Epidemiology in the U.S. and across cultures
  • ADD vs. ADHD


Biology and Diagnosis of ADHD

  • Brain scan data
  • Genetics of ADHD
  • The Itch at the Core ADHD: Reward Deficiency syndrome
  • An organized approach to the diagnosis of ADHD
  • Statistically validated screening tests of ADHD
  • The role of neuropsychological testing
  • Common pitfalls in making the diagnosis
  • Over-diagnosis vs. under-diagnosis
  • How to take a strength-based history
  • How to explain the diagnosis of ADHD to a child or adult
  • Conditions that Co-exist with ADHD
  • ADHD vs. Modern Life: How to tell them apart
  • Childhood Bi-polar Disorder vs. ADHD: How to tell them apart
  • Dyslexia and ADHD
  • Addictions and ADHD

Treating/Managing ADHD

  • A new use of the 12 Step Program in treating ADHD
  • The basics of treating ADHD
  • The start of treatment: a pivotal moment
  • How to Find the Buried Treasures in ADHD
  • Promoting strengths: a systematic approach
  • Nutrition and ADHD: Omega 3s and beyond
  • Cerebellar stimulation: a new exercise-based treatment
  • Two traps to avoid: spin and slide (terms to be explained)
  • Managing “the big struggle” in families
  • Couples and ADHD

The Role of Medication in ADHD

  • The pros and cons of various medications
  • Guidelines to finding the right dose of the right medication
  • Explaining medication to others
  • Clinical examples of the use of medication in all ages
  • Treating worry, anxiety, and ADHD
  • Promoting organizational skills in life with ADHD
  • Finding the right career in life with ADHD
  • Choosing the right mate in life with ADHD
  • Finding joy in life with ADHD
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