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Mastering ADHD in the Classroom

Join World-renowned ADHD Expert Dr Edward Hallowell

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For further information about the ADDspark workshops, please take a look at the pre-event summary for the October 2015 workshops below:

  • Do you have underachieving and disruptive ADHD students in your school?
  • Do you and your colleagues need help understanding their ADHD and how to bring the best out of them?
  • Would you like to get practical tips to manage a class with ADHD students?


Mastering ADHD for Educators

Join leading ADHD authority Dr Edward Hallowell M.D. in London for a one-day workshop for Educators of children with ADHD, entitled Mastering ADHD: Positive and Practical Strategies in the Classroom. The objective of the sessions is to help teachers and learning support staff better understand and support their ADHD students, and gain practical tips and strategies to enable them better to manage their class.

Dr Hallowell is arguably the world’s leading authority on ADHD. He is a child and adult psychiatrist, NY Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker, and a former faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He has 30 years’ experience of working with ADHD clients in addition to having ADHD (and dyslexia) himself, and is listed as a notable expert on the Wikipedia definition of ADHD.

Dr Hallowell will cover the full range of ADD-related issues, including:

  • what it’s like to have ADD/ADHD
  • the brain science behind it
  • the parent’s experience of ADHD and the child’s experience at home
  • how to help ADHD children in their academic performance – structure and tools
  • tips on how to manage ADHD behaviour in the classroom
  • social issues faced by ADHD children
  • ADHD coupled with other special educational needs

For more detail on the content of the discussions, take a look at the Workshop Themes.


Free access to Dr Hallowell’s “Their Beautiful Minds” eBook Discover the positive potential of ADHD and start building your remarkable life.

Bonus Speakers and Partners

Dr Hallowell will be joined by several other expert speakers:

Fintan O’Regan is one of the leading behaviour and learning specialists in the UK, chair of various UK and European-wide ADHD organisations and a former headmaster of an SEN school in the UK. Fintan will focus on learning systems and behaviour strategies, working with parents and schools, managing across the school, and understanding children’s rights (including the 2014 legislative Code of Practice).

Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster are the co-founders of Impact ADHD, the first virtual coaching and training resource designed specifically for parents of children with ADHD.  ImpactADHD will show how coaching can support educators through the day-to-day process of managing an ADHD child, and carrying out live consultations for (volunteer) attendees.

Note: ADDspark reserves the right to change the guest speaker line-up without notice

What will you get out of the workshop?

The one-day workshop (29th September 2015) is a chance for educators directly to ask questions of a globally-recognised expert. You’ll walk away from the workshop with:

  • a much deeper understanding of ADD/ADHD, and why your ADD students sometimes behave in the way that he or she does
  • shared experiences with group of teachers who are all struggling with the same challenges
  • tips to help you and your colleagues manage ADHD behaviour in the classroom
  • knowledge and support structures that you can use to help your ADHD students outperform rather than underperform

The event will be held at the Richmond Hill Hotel, Richmond, Surrey, a short walk from Richmond mail line and underground station. The event will start at 9.30 am (registration and coffee from 9.00am) and finish by 4.00pm. A high quality buffet lunch will be provided – special dietary needs can be catered for (please advise within the booking process).

Feedback from last year’s workshop

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive. Below are just a a few responses from attendees when asked: Would you recommend this workshop?

In a heartbeat – the best workshop I have ever attended. Fantastic presentations and speakers who have genuine insight which is inspirational.

Learning Support, Specialist Boarding and Day School

Definitely – to listen to someone so knowledgeable in this topic was amazing and to meet so many other people who have ADHD or teach those with it and talk to them was invaluable.

Class Teacher, Preparatory Day School

Yes – great foundation in ADHD…Ned [Dr. Hallowell] is a phenomenal speaker!

Assistant Teacher, International School

Yes – more useful in a practical sense than others I have been on before. Also, a positive approach, which is different and also more helpful.

Learning Support, Independent Day School

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