Screen Time, ADHD & Habyts

Many kids have trouble managing their own screen time. But ADHD can make it even harder for kids to avoid excessive gaming, social media and other digital distractions. As family life and relationships suffer – parents often feel trapped in a loop of nagging, threats and telling their kids off.

We’ve been there – and it’s one of the reasons we created Habyts®.

Hi, we’re Cindy and Andy Crossley, Co-founders of ADDspark & Habyts®

As we went through our ADHD parenting journey, excessive screen time was a particular challenge.

We were fortunate to meet and work with ADHD experts such as Dr Edward Hallowell M.D., Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD, and other ground-breaking professionals.

These experts have helped us to build on the positive and practical principles we designed into our breakthrough app – called Habyts®.

In fact, our focus on Neurodiversity and Special Educational Needs has expanded as two other members of our Management Team are parenting kids on the autistic spectrum.

We see Habyts as an opportunity to unwrap the gifts – and help manage the challenges – for many kids across the behavioural spectrum.

Habyts is designed for caring parents (like you) managing kids with ADHD

Habyts® was designed with ADHD in mind

Habyts was designed with ADHD in mind

Stop Screen Time Battles Before They Start

Easily regulate screen time habits across all your kids’ devices, with automatic limits, sensible schedules and safe browsing – across all networks, and even offline!

End Homework Hassles and Chore Wars

Block distracting websites and apps during homework – Study Time. Give your kids reminders and incentives to do their chores! Let them earn their screen time privileges!

Why Screen Time Is an Issue with ADHD & how Habyts can help

ADHD turns typical screen time issues into BIG ISSUES. Screen time self-control depends on the brain’s executive function – and ADHD undermines executive function.


ADHD can make it hard to keep track of time. Kids can hyperfocus and spend many hours in front of screens.

Habyts Can

Easily enforce sensible Time Limits, Schedules & Rules…across Multiple Devices.


Kids with ADHD may be more likely to engage in risky online behaviour like watching inappropriate videos and sexting.

Habyts Can

Filter harmful websites & Protect Your Kids.


Winding down at bedtime can be challenging for kids with ADHD. Screen time can make it even more difficult.

Habyts Can

Easily enforce Bed Time Limits & Schedules.


Kids with ADHD can get lost in a game and forget they have tasks they need to be doing.

Habyts Can

Require daily Tasks to be Done… Before Screen Time.


Having digital entertainment just a click away makes it even more challenging for kids with ADHD to stay focused.

Habyts Can

Block out hard-to-resist Homework Distractions – even when doing homework on the computer.


Kids with ADHD usually experience much more negative than positive feedback – resulting in a vicious cycle of internal shame & external blame.

Habyts Can

Lets parents instantly reward points for progress – no matter how big or small which can be redeemed for both screen and non-screen rewards.


Daily frustration and a lack of impulse control can result in high emotion for kids with ADHD.

Habyts Can

Act as an objective Time Keeper & Enforcer Reducing Some of the Potential Emotional Conflict.


All the on-screen excitement makes it even more challenging to transition off screens when time is up.

Habyts Can

Automatically provide minute-by-minute countdowns and warnings to Ease the Transition off Screen Time


Kids with ADHD struggle to develop the good habits to carry into adulthood.

Habyts Can

Combine Automation and Motivation to create the consistency kids with ADHD need to develop good habits for life.

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