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Still struggling to manage your child’s ADHD?

  • Are you constantly irritated? Frustrated? Worried?
  • Is your child’s personal organisation chaotic?
  • Is he ‘socially challenged’?
  • Under-performing at school?

Mastering ADHD for Parents

Join leading ADHD authority Dr Edward Hallowell M.D. in London in sessions for parents of children with ADHD. The objective of the sessions is to help parents better understand and support their children, in order to unwrap the gifts of ADD/ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls.

Dr Hallowell will cover the full range of ADD-related issues, including:

  • what it’s like to have ADD/ADHD
  • the brain science behind it
  • how to get diagnosed properly
  • non-medication-based and medication-based treatments
  • how to manage school and ADHD
  • issues faced by children who have ADHD coupled with other learning issues
  • relationships and ADHD
  • the impact of ADD on the family
  • tips on how to cope as the parent of a child living with ADHD.

For more detail on the content of the discussions, take a look at the Workshop Themes.


What will you get out of the workshop?

The one or two-day workshops (October 1st and 2nd) are a chance for parents directly to ask questions of a globally-recognised expert. Dr Hallowell is arguably the world’s leading authority on ADHD. He is a child and adult psychiatrist, NY Times bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker, and a former faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He has 30 years’ experience of working with ADHD clients in addition to having ADHD (and dyslexia) himself; he also has three children with ADHD.

You’ll walk away from the workshops with:

  • a much deeper understanding of ADD/ADHD, and why your child sometimes behaves in the way that he or she does
  • shared experiences with a group of parents who are all struggling with the same challenges
  • tips to help your child (and family) ease stresses at home
  • a plan of action to educate teachers and provide structure at school
  • a positive outlook and the knowledge that your child can succeed in life, far beyond your current fears and expectations

What is the structure of the event?

The first day (Thursday 1st October) is a seminar-style event in an informal setting. Dr Hallowell will cover the full range of issues outlined above; he will speak and answer questions from attendees as he goes along. You’ll also be able to chat with Dr Hallowell during coffee and lunch breaks. Dr Hallowell will be joined by a number of guest speakers, including:

  • Fintan O’Regan will speak on the issues surrounding management of an ADHD child through the UK education system
  • Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD, will carry out example parent-coaching sessions with willing volunteers. Parent coaching can be invaluable for parents of ADHD children; it gives the parent an outlet to discuss everyday challenges and vent frustrations. Diane and Elaine are experienced ADHD parents themselves and truly expert coaches. In these example sessions, they will guide volunteers through the process of breaking down a parenting problem into smaller chunks, which can then each be addressed in turn.
  • Val Ivens of ADHD Richmond will speak on the resources available via local support groups and via other public (NHS) bodies

The second day (Friday 2nd October) is a more intimate workshop with a smaller group of parent attendees. Dr Hallowell will go into more detail on a number of issues, especially those requested by the attendees. He will encourage parents to raise issues based on their own family experiences, and compare these experiences with those of other parents in the room. This part of the ‘Hallowell experience’ is remarkably powerful; without exception, we hear feedback that parents find it reassuring that others are struggling with similar situations and illuminating that solutions tried by other families can be more successful than their own. You can choose to come for the first day Seminar only, but attending the first day is a prerequisite for the second day Workshop.

The second day will also include more guest speakers:

The event will be held at the Richmond Hill Hotel, Richmond, Surrey, a short walk from Richmond mail line and underground station. The event will start at 9.30 am each day (registration and coffee from 9.00am) and finish at around 5.00pm. A high quality buffet lunch will be provided – special dietary needs can be catered for (please advise within the booking process).

How does the one day Seminar differ from the two day Seminar + Workshop?

The Seminar (1st October) is an opportunity to cover all the main learning objectives listed above over the course of one day. While Dr Hallowell will also be fielding questions and facilitating discussion, the Seminar will be more tailored towards Dr Hallowell passing on his knowledge and experience so that attendees walk away with a clear understanding of ADHD and of his strength-based approach to caring for ADHD children.

The Workshop (2nd October) builds on the knowledge foundation from the previous day’s Seminar (so you’ll need to go to the Seminar in order to attend the Workshop). The Workshop provides an opportunity for attendees to delve into issues in more detail with Dr Hallowell’s guidance, and to cover points which may be specific to their family. The format also allows parents to compare experiences with a smaller group of like-minded parents. The workshop is Dr Hallowell’s favourite format because it allows for a fuller understanding of the issues and for more relationship-building between parents (experience shows that, as time passes, these relationships become very valuable in providing support from one family to another). The two day event also includes a special session covering ‘Couples and ADHD’ with Sue Hallowell (a Licensed Social Worker, author, and adult/couples therapist). Sue Hallowell is married to Dr Hallowell, so with an ADHD husband and two ADHD children, she speaks from decades of both professional and personal experience!

The Parent seminar and workshop events are designed to help you take practical steps forward with the critical mindset of a positive, strength-based approach using proven strategies from a globally renowned ADD/ADHD expert with well over 25 years of experience.

Note: ADDspark reserves the right to change the guest speaker line-up without notice


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Feedback from the 2014 Parent Workshop

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive. Below are just a few responses from attendees when asked: Would you recommend this workshop?

Completely. The speakers were second to none. The size was intimate so everyone got to ask their questions and the vibe was one of ‘sharing’ and ‘caring’.

Parent (Two-day attendee, attended with husband)

Definitely, it has taught me so much and its great to meet other people in the same boat.

Parent (Two-day attendee)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Reframes the whole pessimistic worries and love the focus on positive attributes.

Parent (One-day attendee)

Yes – to those that have attention and learning issues with their children. Allows one to map out, learn strategies, get coaching.

Parent (Two-day attendee, travelled from outside UK)

YES! Dr Hallowell is a calming font of knowledge.

Parent (One-day Attendee)

Absolutely. Great overview of the condition and Ned [Dr Hallowell] and guest speakers are hugely knowledgeable and inspiring.

Parent (Two-day attendee)

Yes for sure! Fantastic! SO helpful to have the benefit of experienced professionals when we always seem to be fumbling around with an undefinable problem…Really nice to have the opportunity to meet other parents going through their own traumas and to share experiences/provide some bit of hope.

Parent (Two-day attendee)

Yes. Well-run, with plenty of insights and set at the right level.

Parent (One-day attendee, attended with wife)

Yes. It is comforting to know that other parents are facing the same challenges and that there is help available.

Parent (Two-day attendee, attended with husband)

Yes. Useful information, gives one hope for the future.

Parent (One-day attendee)

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