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Mastering ADHD for a Better Life

Join World-renowned ADHD Expert Dr Edward Hallowell

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Mastering ADHD for Adults

  • Do you find it difficult to keep focus on one task at a time? Do you constantly start new projects before finishing the last?
  • Do you enjoy the creative side of solving problems and hate doing the admin afterwards?  Have lots of energy but often fail to follow through to completion?
  • Are your relationships a challenge?  Do you feel misunderstood and discouraged at home and at work?


Join leading ADHD authority Dr Edward Hallowell M.D. in London in sessions for those either diagnosed with or interested in Adult ADHD. The objective of the sessions is to help adults and entrepreneurs better understand themselves, in order to unwrap and build on the gifts of ADD/ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls.

Dr Hallowell is arguably the world’s leading authority on ADHD. He is a child and adult psychiatrist, NY Times bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker, and a former faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He has 30 years’ experience of working with ADHD clients in addition to having ADHD (and dyslexia) himself; he also has three children with ADHD.

Dr Hallowell is also a leading expert on attention deficit among entrepreneurs; click here to listen to his interview with the legendary business growth expert Jay Abraham.

“Many, or even most, entrepreneurs have the ADHD superpower, and the behaviours to match. Imagine how much more they could achieve if they knew how to control it properly!”

– Dr. Edward Hallowell M.D.


Free access to Dr Hallowell’s “Their Beautiful Minds” eBook Discover the positive potential of ADHD and start building your remarkable life.

What will you get out of the workshop?

The one day workshop (28th September 2015) is a chance for adults directly to ask questions of a globally-recognised expert. You’ll walk away from the workshops with:

  • a much deeper understanding of ADD/ADHD, and what drives certain behaviours – both productive and non-productive
  • shared experiences with a group of adults who are all struggling with the same challenges
  • tips to help you and your family ease stresses at home
  • a plan of action to others and provide structure in your life
  • a positive outlook and the knowledge that you can succeed in life, far beyond your current fears and expectations

For more detail on the content of the discussions, take a look at the Workshop Themes.

The event will be held at the Richmond Hill Hotel, Richmond, Surrey, a short walk from Richmond mail line and underground station. The event will start at 9.30 am (registration and coffee from 9.00am) and finish by 5.00pm. A high quality buffet lunch will be provided – special dietary needs can be catered for (please advise within the booking process).

Bonus Speakers and Partners

Dr Hallowell will be joined by several other expert speakers:

Val Ivens of ADHD Richmond will talk about the resources and support available through local support groups and via the NHS

Alan Brown of ADD Crusher will talk about seven self-defeating behaviors that make ADHD more difficult to manage, and simple solutions for each of these problems.

Dr Stuart Baker will carry out a mindfulness training session during the afternoon.

Note: ADDspark reserves the right to change the guest speaker line-up without notice

Feedback from the 2014 Workshop

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive. Below are just a few responses from attendees when asked: Would you recommend this workshop?

Yes definitely – it’s a real insight for anyone with ADD and will give you tools to move forward with your life.

Adult (attended with husband)

It was a very good experience. Uplifting and educational.

Adult (attended with wife)

Yes – very informative, enlightening to talk to people with the same condition.

Adult (Teenager)

YES! It turns out all the negatives are positives. Unwrap the parcel. You are better than you think.”

Adult Attendee

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